by Grievance

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Casket Crew Forever


released March 21, 2017

Written/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Michael Yager
Lyrics by Ryan Presti and Charlie Connallon



all rights reserved


Grievance New Jersey

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Track Name: Death Tech
I hate what You've become
Reliant on validation
How many times
Will You claw
At the back of this
handheld casket

Hardly knowing
What's real and what's fake

The Media turned out to be
The biggest snake

Closed minded
By the choices you make

Influenced by
Causing self hate

Thoughts behind
Zombified eyes
There is no prize
Technological demise
death tech
Track Name: Calloused
I was sick of thinking about second chances
I was sick of waiting for the stars to re align

Hold yourself accountable
Theres no waiting for divine intervention

Nothing in the sky shines for you

It will never rain diamonds
No pleasantries

No hope for a new tomorrow
when you're a dog with your tail between its legs

I've fought for everything I have
Bloody knuckles
I fought for everything
Calloused flesh
Track Name: Enough
You say that you'll change
I only see one thing

You say that you'll change
I only see a snake

You say that you'll change
I only see a fake

I am bound by my strength
To break away

Away from this pain

You spit in my face

Another sigh escapes my chest
Words I say with one last breath

How wrong you are
I am far from heaven sent

Too many times I take away
Two years misspent

I've wasted so much time
Enough is enough

You ask
I give my best

You ask
I lay my life to rest
Track Name: Walls
Tell me what you're scared of
I'll show you how to beat it

You're not alone
We're filling all their caskets

You have an army behind you
The damned are never failing

We were never angels
We were born of misfit blood

Fallen from the highest seat
I am your gods left hand

I am your gods left hand

Here to collect what's ours
We deserve the throne

Your kingdom looks
Like a broken home

I am your gods left hand